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The owner, Anna Belle, lies more often than she tells the truth. She steals from her clients. And IF she answers the telephone, she speaks to you as if you were a 2 year old child.
We will NEVER use this agency again. We were lied to about the procedure and charged way more money than agreed in our contract. The problem is, if you argue, you risk losing the child you were hoping to adopt.
She took our money to pay her staff instead of the birth mother. Because of this, the birthmother almost decided to not go through the adoption with us.
When you call to complain she does not answer the phone. The only way to get her to answer is to block your number. However, when she does find out who is on the other end, she gets very angry and tries to make you feel guilty.
If it was not for my husband and I doing much of our own homework, things we pay her to do or things that she claims to be familiar with, we would have lost the adoption.
In the end, we have a beautiful baby, but only because we did so much work and were able to pay the additional costs.
To sum this up, Anna Belle should retire and close her doors as her name is no longer of any value in the adoption world.

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Zero stars. Why cant we give zero stars?!!? We are SO MAD AT THIS AGENCY! We just learned from an adoption group in Facebook that Anna Belle Illien lost her COA accreditation for her agency. We went to look it up at the COA website. I will paste it in below. It says she has been insolvent since before 2013. I read in a comment below that an employee said they were not paid on time. Now we all know why. For 3 years or more she has been taking on families when she was insolvent and on the verge of bankruptcy. This is an irresponsibility to families for which God will have NO forgiveness. There is a special place in HELL for people like Anna Belle Illien. She is a blight on the entire industry. Now we have to START OVER with a new agency. We lose our time. We lose our money. We have lost our hopes. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE>> Anna Belle has not had the decency to let us know or apologize yet. Her website still says it is COA accredited. It is NOT!!!!! WE ARE FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nature of the Substantiated Violations: 96.33(e) COA took an adverse action for corrective action against the ASP because it was not financially stable and did not possess the required 2 month cash reserve for its 2013 fiscal year. During the ASP’s corrective action period, it failed to provide the majority of the required corrective action. The little information that was provided indicates that the ASP’s financial position is worse than when COA took its original adverse action decision. The ASP’s continued noncompliance with the standard has necessitated a more severe adverse action. 96.33(b) The ASP did not provide annual financial review documentation for the fiscal years ending in 2014- 2015. 96.39(e) The ASP did not cooperate with the corrective action review process required by the accrediting entity and failed to provide the Annual Financial Reviews for their 2014 or 2015 fiscal years. Adverse Action - Cancellation, effective 8/5/16"

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Would Not Use Illien Again

I have learned that Illien will cancel services on families that complain about anything they do. So I have to be careful and not give too much information. I do not want them to know who I am. But I can say we would not use Illien again. Poor communication. Lack of insight. No help when needed. Increasing fees and not grandfathering in families. Changing covered services. Our process has cost much more than it would have at competing agencies since Illien does not include everything others include. Be wary of this. Such as other agencies include translations, Illien does not. Not even on referral information. This cost adds up. It is a cost you won't have with another agency. We even accidentally got an email forwarded to us a year ago that clearly was not supposed to be sent to families because in it Anna Belle was threatening employees. Very unprofessional. We would never use them again.

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I would give zero stars but it was not allowed

Because we complained about the retroactive [illegal] changes they wanted to make to our contract and the questionable practices of staff, Illien terminated our contract - after we had already paid $14,000.00 to them and already had an approved dossier sitting in Ecuador and we had been with them 2.5 years and we were on the last stage of the adoption process and just waiting to adopt a waiting child. In the termination letter they literally, literally, say that since we were "unhappy" they were going to terminate services, and they could without reason or justification, and that they would not refund the $14,000.00. We have this in the termination letter. We could not make this up! We asked for mediation with someone besides the Director, which the contract said we had a right to, and they denied the request. They tried to make unilateral changes to covered services, and when we complained, they terminated us for punitive reasons, and then refused a refund of money paid. They refused to give us child referrals in English. They did not respond to complaints we made. They did not respond to emails and requests for information for long periods of time, sometimes months, or never replied on some items. A past employee shared with us that Illien and Anna Belle paid the employees late. The employee said they are having money problems. The employee said that Anna Belle spies on their emails and even emails from employee accounts pretending to be one of the staff instead of herself. We do not know how much or to what extent this is all true but it was told to us by the past employee. Overall, no, we cannot recommend this agency in anyway and can only share how we were treated.

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Illien Adoptions is not a good agency.

We did our first adoption with LSM. They were fantastic. We decided to use Illien for our second. We have made several payments so we feel stuck. But they are not a good agency. When we compare services at Illien with LSM, we are very disappointed. Illien does not provide any service. They will not even give us referrals translated into English. Illien is nothing more than a glorified mailbox. Last spring we got an email forwarded to us by accident from one employee in which Anna Belle was threatening her employees. She talks to people in a derogatory manner. She treats families with disrespect. We are very unhappy. We wish we could change.

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