Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas

Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas

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case was closed w/out valida reason

pity there is no '0' rating; we got our license in Raleigh office a while ago (it was no problem there, good friendly staff , easy training, no problem with home study as well) tried to adopt teen siblings from different state with no success. Due to family circumstances we moved to MA state. When we tried to renew our license in MA we gave all info to the state and they contacted the Raleigh office which has program director Ms. K. Burrows and she smashed us like a flies on the wall telling them that we had unrealistic expectations and she'd wouldn't recommend us for adoption. We contacted the LFS's president asking to help and clear up the situation. we were told that our case had been closed not because we moved but because we are bad people. (We had never been told any such thing.) he didn't help us at all, sure he talked to this kind lady (K.Burrows we guess) with a big heart who is very "concern" about kids in foster care w/out family and we are still waiting letter to clarify why she lied to MA state. The agency also refused to refund check for $5300 for adoption that wasn't finalized, they sent a social worker after 1 month(!) we requested help with teens we were fostering through them, we didn't get matching profiles from NC at all, etc

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