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102 North Washington Street, Albany GA 31701, US

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Wonderful experience with Lutheran

I am so sorry you had such an is shocking to me! Lutheran was with us every step of the way encouraging us, training us, and working for us. We knew we were working with Christians who were working to help us make our perfect match. From the first time we saw our children, we knew it was perfect. :) Our caseworker helped us navigate the legal path and helped us know how to act as new parents to a 3 & 4 year old. Since everything was final, they have kept in touch with us-answering questions, sharing joys, etc. I have only positive things to say about Lutheran Services of Georgia.

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Lutheran of Savannah

My husband and I have endured a very long, very painful roller coaster ride with Lutheran Services of Georgia in Savannah. Disclaimer: I can only speak for our experience and can't address other Lutheran offices in Georgia, which I hope are much better than this one.

We found inefficient, ineffective and uncaring people at every turn. The orientation meetings promised that the agency could meet all our needs. The agency failed to meet even minimum expectations of professionalism and commitment.

We attended training classes that we were told we had to attend (we were later told we didn't need them, but by then we'd been in classes for more than 12 weeks). During one of the trainings, the leader SKIPPED the section on attachment disorder, in favor of teaching us a stupid cheer and refused to let the class go, almost 45 minutes after it was to have ended, because some class participants wouldn't do the cheer.

MONTHS would go by without our worker contacting us and then we'd hear from them out of the blue with some question she forgot to ask or form she forgot to fill out. That's when we'd realize that in all those months, nobody had even looked at our paperwork to see that it was incomplete. We did everything we were asked to do, right away, to ensure that there would be no delays. A YEAR into the ordeal, we realized our caseworker didn't even know which program we were in, so how on earth could she have been working on the right homestudy??

This agency LOST forms, which we had to go back and have re-done at out own expense. The delays in getting anything done meant that most of our homestudy documents had to be updated, also at our expense. True, that amount of money is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it was wasted money and when you are involved in an adoption, you need to keep all the pennies you can!

Worst of all is dealing with well-meaning friends and family who keep asking us when we'll be getting a child. If we leave it up to Lutheran, the answer is "never."

Sure, this agency took our time and our money, but they also took our hope. We tried to do the research, but could not find anyone who had used this agency before. This is the only licensed adoption agency in our city. We made a mistake in trying to work with Lutheran and we are paying for it.

Please understand, I'm not on the warpath with anyone there personally. It's just that the pervasive attitude is very unconcerned with whether or not families find children, which means they also don't care about kids finding homes. I wish someone had posted something like this before we got in so deep with LSGA.

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