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401 Bonnaspring Drive, Nashville TN 37201, US

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Great Experiences with Small World!

We have had wonderful experiences with Small World Adoption. In fact we are in the process of our third adoption with Small World. The staff is very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. In fact, they have been helping families adopt for over 30 years. We have loved seeing their heart for the Lord and their heart for helping children find forever families and making them orphans no more. We have no reservations at all with recommending this agency to others. We hope to be traveling home with our third child sometime next year, and we are so thankful for the precious children they have helped us bring into our family.

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I cannot recommend S.W.A. under any circumstances whatsoever.

They are, in my opinion, corrupt, unethical, incompetent, unprofessional and certainly not Christians.

They miss important deadlines, costing you unnecessary fees and delays. We often had to take unpaid time off work to scramble and meet deadlines oursleves that we paid them to handle. This was our personal experience anyway.

They took all of our money (tens of thousands of dollars), did absolutely nothing to earn it (leaving us to figure out our entire adoption ourselves) and drug our adoption out for four years when it should have only taken nine months.

They never once checked on us when we were abroad picking up our child and never once checked on us when we returned. I believe we heard from them a total of five times in four years, and that was only when WE contacted them to check on our file.

They have very poor communication skills, not returning phone calls or emails and leaving you hanging constantly, often forgetting the details of your case or even knowing what is going on. We honestly believe that they cost us twice as much time and money as a competent/professional agency would have.

Believe it or not, there are actually a number of private Facebook groups and closed adoption forums online specifically for dissatisfied Small World customers. The mantra in those groups is "Friends don't let friends adopt from Small World."

We specifically hired them because they advertised themselves as a "Christian" agency, yet their behaviors are anything but.

They harassed and bullied friends of ours by contacting their employers trying to get them fired (after they refused to pay SWA more money) and threatening to sue them. Not exactly a "Christian" approach.

We beleive that they countlessly violated privacy practices - and all semblance of client confidentialilty - by calling our pastor to badmouth us when we refused to give them more money as well. (Highly unprofessional behavior, when they could have simply sent a letter in the mail like any normal business owner would.)

It appears that they are only in this business for the money and could care less about the placement of orphans or helping families adopt.

They suggested we could just conduct our post-placement visits with them over the phone, which we believe is most likely illegal, or if nothing else, does not properly/honestly fulfill the necessary requirements. (We heard from a source overseas that SWA was simply trying to keep from losing their license with international adoption officials.)

In fact, upon information and belief, this adoption agency is a part-time gig for them - the employees all have regular full-time jobs in other professions (police work, etc.) and are rarely ever in their office, hence the total lack of communication or file upkeep.

They once called to congratulate us on receiving the wrong approval was obvious that they had no idea what was going on with our adoption case whatsoever.

Hopefully other families will be brave enough to come forward and complain- there are hundreds and hundreds of Small World horror stories out there. Some even involving the death of sick orphans overseas because Small World took so long to process their paperwork that the child couldn't make it to the U.S. in time for a life-saving operation :(

Other examples we are aware of include a family who was almost forced to leave the country (without their adopted child) because of SWA leaving everything until the last possible moment to comply with important international requirements/deadlines.

I could go on and on, but the point is, you would be better served by handling your adoption all by yourself than hiring this agency. It is with great dissatisfacton and great disappointment in every aspect of the services that I write this review.

I can highly recommend, however, Lifeline, their alleged "sister" agency. We were forced by Small Wor

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Small World is Wonderful!!!

We adopted our son last year from Small World's SN list. We were originally with another agency, IFS, and they worked together to help us bring our son home from China. We worked with the Washington staff. They were wonderful every step of the way. We could rely on them for any question we had. They always got back to us ASAP about any phone calls or e-mails. We had great guides in China who took care of every need we had. We had the best experience! We would definitely work with this agency again in the future. We were really happy with our experience with this agency and we recommend Small World to any family who is adopting from China.

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