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We have loved working with the Nightlight Christian Adoptions office in Greenville, South Carolina!
We found both our daughters on Rainbow Kids, so they were already listed with an out-of-state agency. We needed a local (in-state) agency for both home study and post placement services. Nightlight was highly recommended by some of our friends so we decided to go with them and we couldn't have had a better experience! Twice! They provided us with two very professional and very timely home studies on two separate occasions for international adoptions from Korea and China. They also provided (and are currently providing) post-placement services. Everyone in the Greenville office has been a pleasure to work with, but we especially love Amy. We have found the folks at Nightlight to be very knowledgable about adoption and also compassionate and supportive throughout the journey. Most importantly, they understood how urgently we needed to get our girls home and they were able to complete both our home studies in less than a month! We paid a fee for them to expedite and of course we had to do our part to make this happen, with paperwork and education, but we couldn't have done it without Nightlight. We have heard so many stories of agencies dragging out the home study process while families (and children) waited and waited... So glad that was not our story! Our first daughter (adopted in 2012) was in our arms in 9 1/2 months; the second (adopted in 2016) in exactly 7 months! Nightlight was a BIG part of that! I don't know if there is another adoption in our future or not, but we wouldn't think of using any other agency. Thanks Nightlight for being a joy to work with and for blessing us with your professional expertise and gracious support along the way! ❤︎

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